The Obagi Nu Derm Treatment Systems are recommended for uneven pigment, acne scarring and sun damaged skin, BUT……… can also be a disaster that’s impossible to tolerate and ultimately a waste of time and money.

How long should my products last before I re-order?"
The quantity of product applied at each step is integral in obtaining your successful transformation!

  • Cleanser 200 ml should last 8 weeks
  • Toner 200ml  8-10 weeks Longer if used though  mist applicator
  • #3 Clear  (57g) 6 weeks
  • #4 Exfoderm/forte   (57g) 8 weeks
  • #5.Blender  (57g)  10-12 weeks
  • Tretinoin (Stieva A) 6 weeks
 "How should I start?" "What precautions should I take?"

Gently coax the skin! I recommend using the products as instructed by Obagi . Expect some redness and flaking but  at the first sign of irritancy slow down on the 2 products that irritate which are the Exfoderm/Exfoderm Forte and the tretinoin. 
That means skipping them for a day or 2 then starting back. 
There are parts of the skin that are more sensitive (around the mouth for example), slow down there but continue on the rest of the face.  
Correct use of the Toner seems to sooth irritation.

Review: Application Instructions