#6 – Vitamin C Complements Collagen Production. 

 Vitamin C can help support the synthesis of collagen, which may result in the look of plumper, firmer-looking skin.1

#5 – Vitamin C Calms Skin

 #4 – Vitamin C Retains Moisture

You probably already know that adding and sealing in the skin natural oils “moisture” is an important part of your daily skin care routine, and the obvious way to retain moisture is by using a ‘Hydrate” . Combine Hydrate  with Vitamin C serum every day and watch it work hand-in-hand with  to help skin stay fresh-looking d.

 #3 Vitamin C Brightens Skin

There’s nothing more appealing than beautiful, glowing skin; it’s one of the markers of vibrant health. Topical Vitamin C can help brighten your complexion and achieve youthful, fresh looking skin.

 #2.  Vit C works in conjunction with tretinoin (Retrievet) to maintain a healthy translucent skin.

 #1 – Vitamin C Supports UV Protective Defenses of Skin


The Number 1 Reason we love Vitamin C is because it supports the UV protective defenses of the skin. Neutralising or “Mopping up” the harmful affect of UVradiation that penetrate the skin.